Important Info About the Earrings

Please read this before purchasing!
1. Each Item is Handmade

Each earring is handmade and assembled from scratch by me, which means you are getting one of a kind pieces with each purchase. Most of the time, the colors are blended by hand. With that said, it is possible that colors will vary slightly due to small-batch processing. Some earrings may have small blemishes, bubbles or imperfections or even vary slightly from their partner. 

I work really hard to make sure that each piece is perfect to send out to you or your loved ones and that they are something that I would be proud to wear myself, but, I am human.

Please know that when you make a purchase you are supporting my art, but also acknowledging that these imperfections may exist. 

2. Polymer Clay is durable, but I would not recommend testing it.

Polymer clay is meant to be durable, but please don't test it. While polymer clay is flexible, I would not advise bending it. Polymer clay can get wet, but I would advise that you remove your earrings before showering or swimming with them so that they may have a longer life.

3. Titanium posts for sensitive ears on most pairs.

Some of our earrings are made with stainless steel posts and some are made with titanium posts to better suit sensitive ears. It will be specified within each product, but please reach out if you have any questions. In the future, all earrings will be made with titanium posts. Note that you are purchasing at your own risk if you have sensitive ears, regardless of the post material. 

4. Important information about Brass Components 

Note that the non-clay components, such as the brass pieces included in some of my work (like The Monaco or The Versailles), may tarnish over time. That is the nature of the material. That is why it is important to ensure that you keep your pieces dry and stored properly. That said, if your piece starts to show some tarnish with time, it should be able to be easily cleaned with a polishing or anti-tarnish cloth. 

5. Damaged pieces 

That all said, if for whatever reason your earring comes damaged in its packaging please reach out to me within 14 days of purchase. If your piece completely falls apart within 30 days of your purchase - please reach out to me via email at 

Thank you so much for supporting my small business! Don't forget to be kind!