Please read About the Art before purchasing as it goes into various details and disclaimers about the item you are hoping to purchase! I want everyone to be informed prior to making their purchase!

Do I add the 'complimentary random studs' to cart or how does that work? 

Complimentary studs are picked me at random! They are usually from batches of earrings that I have worked on in the past. Sometimes they are totally new. I would never send you something I wouldn't wear myself. It's a great way to keep waste down as well as give you a cute surprise! All complimentary random studs are made with stainless steel posts - if you have extra sensitive ears I hope you share them with a friend :) 

Please note - you must reach the $50 mark before taxes and after discounts. Thank you!


I got my clay earring dirty - what do I do?

Most items can be cleaned off of your earring with rubbing alcohol. Just take a q-tip and wipe lightly but with a firm hand!

Can I wear my earrings in water?

I would not recommend wearing your earrings while swimming or in the shower. It can affect the longevity of your clay piece as well as add to the tarnishing of your brass piece, if it has one.

Oh yeah, my brass piece is tarnishing - what do I do?

It is perfectly normal for brass, along with other metals, to tarnish over time. I suggest that if your piece starts to show some tarnish, it should be able to be easily cleaned with a polishing or anti-tarnish cloth. There are many available on Amazon! I suggest you clean it as soon as you notice it as it can get worse over time. You can also rub it with equal parts water and white vinegar to clean.

My post (the part that goes into your ear) came off! What do I do?

oh no! I double adhere to make sure this doesn't happen, but should it happen, please email me with a photo to thewayfaringlatina@gmail.com.

I have sensitive ears - can I wear TWL pieces?

Yes (at your own risk, of course)! I am working on making all my pieces with Titanium posts. There are a couple that currently have stainless steel posts as they were part of the first couple I wanted to release and I don't want them to go to waste. This should be noted in each listing, but if you have a concern, please reach out. 

Non-Titanium posts are made out of stainless steel.

My piece arrived smashed or broken :( now what?

GRR! I never want that to happen! Send me a picture within 14 days of receiving your item at thewayfaringlatina@gmail.com 

What is your shipping process?

Each package is lovingly packaged by me and shipped via USPS First Class. 

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing and shipping your order. I will always do my best to ship out each package as soon as possible! 

Once the item is dropped off at USPS and shipped, it is no longer in my possession and you should reach out to USPS to see if they have a status update on their end with your tracking number in hand. If the item is lost, it will not be The Wayfaring Latina's responsibility to replace it. 

Please contact me prior to your purchase if you would like to add insurance to your shipment. 

Due to COVID-19 USPS is experiencing some extreme delays and sometimes your order will appear in "Pre-shipment"/"Label Created"/"Shipment Ready for UPS" status for an extended period. In most cases, all hope is not lost and the package is still on its way to you - it may just take a little while longer. If you are anxious - you may reach out to USPS directly and submit a search request at https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm

Do you accept returns, cancellations or exchanges?

I do not accept returns, cancellations or exchanges so please be confident about your purchase when making it! If your items arrive damaged, please reach out to me within 14 days of your purchase at thewayfaringlatina@gmail.com.

Can I see what the earrings look like on a real human?

I try to show real life wear on my instagram @thewayfaringlatina so make sure to follow along!