Meet the Maker

Hello! I am so happy you are here.
My name is Melisa and I am a first generation Latina as well as a wife, daughter, dog mom, traveler, entrepreneur and corporate employee. I love to share my journey in hopes someone out there won't feel so alone in their struggles. Life is a journey and here we are just wayfaring through life and all that it may have to throw at us. 
Along with all those things, I am also a clay artist. I love to create polymer clay earrings. My favorite part of the process is seeing them come to life and sharing them with you! 
My inspiration comes from places I have been or places I hope to go - this means that for the most part, my pieces will all be named after a place on our beautiful planet. I have been lucky enough to travel to various places (humble brag) but that doesn't mean I have been everywhere! It also doesn't mean my journey matched yours!
I hope my pieces will help transport you somewhere lovely - or at least compliment your outfit in the most perfect way.
Let's be friends! Follow me on instagram @thewayfaringlatina